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Some fitting videos to start with...:

Some clues perhaps in Danish?

Music (by Maikel631)(watched until 34.00):


Tough crowd above...but let me tell you this: I am the best of all things I do! If I have to guess so myself, I am an Autist like the boy from the movie "Mercury Rising", and I also took an online IQ test in High School, which labeled me as a "Visionary Savant".

They claim I am "paranoid schizophrenic" like John Nash, but that is just so they can stigmatize me, and claim they are better than ME...That's what Psychiatry is all about - a bounch of overpaid doctors and nurses, locking up brilliant people, so they can find out how they these socalled schizophrenics/autists/savants became so smart in the first place!

P4 in Aarhus Denmark did this, by strapping me in a belt to the bed, at Christmass Eve I believe it was:

The person in the video above this text here is John Nash in real life. The clip below below this text here is John Nash as portrayed in the movie "A Beautiful Mind"...

Avatar So here is a girl with paranoid schizophrenia, and she deals with stuff just like me, so maybe I am paranoid schizophrenic? I don't understand how she is able to drive a car though, I would be too scared of being hit by others, or being involved in traffic accidents in general! I think the last time, I drove a car, was back in 2002 or 2001 (in High School):

Avatar So The above was "paranoid schizophrenia", but what is "Autism" then, which I belive I have...I was about to write "which I also suffer from", but I consider Autism as being a gift, not a curse, but I would like to be able to hear though etc. without problems! (might be because of hypnosis tricks though!)

Avatar Or perhaps I am just "Wicked smart" like Matt?

Avatar Or perhaps its drugs? But I was way smarter before pills, anyway let's check out "Lucy"!

Avatar Or perhaps it's drugs like in "Limitless"!

Avatar Or perhaps I am just a mutant?


Or is psychiatry a place for undercover Agents, that are hypnotized, so they don't even know they are sleeper agent. Wiki writes this: "In espionage, a sleeper agent is one who has infiltrated into the target country and has "gone to sleep", sometimes for many years.!"

Or perhaps I am just all these as mentioned above?


When i lived in Copenhagen many years ago, before Viborg, I ran often, it was something like this, only faster!:


Some call me a mutant, perhaps I am like all X-MEN combined?:


Some say this is my true father:


Patients in psychiatry call me "the son of God" (Bylent (A Muslim I guess - from P4)) or Jesus Christ (Chip (N5)):

It would seem wars have been fought over me/ or will be!:

Avatar Some say I am the One (I do use one.com as my hosting company, and I got a commercial link to them right here: Get 100 DKK discount on one.com hosting...click here

Avatar Dont tell this to anybody, but I might be the new Cladk Kent:

If you want more of this insane blessed stuff to keep comming, send your prayers to the Christian God and ask him to please keep me alive!

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Avatar Something about the illness they claim I suffer from:


Perhaps an anachronism, but still:

Fuck that shit! It's not paranoia, when they are really after you!


Avatar Some of my own stuff:

Avatar Danish Politician show "BORGEN":

Avatar Let's make this biblical:

Anne Og Lotte taler måske med?

Anne Og Lotte taler måske med?

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My time is being wasted!

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